Redefine tu negocio en tiempos de crisis

El mundo corporativo a veces puede sentirse como una montaña rusa 🎢, el cliente necesita un cambio y encontrar ese ajuste perfecto del mercado de productos nunca ha sido tan importante. Únete a nosotros en Aceleralia 🚀

Aceleralia es una plataforma que lo ayudará a construir y seguir su progreso, con 10 soluciones diferentes y tutoría de 1 hora incluida, podrá definir su modelo de negocio en menos de 3 semanas.

Reciba un amplio resumen de su experiencia en cada etapa en Aceleralia y formule una propuesta de valor clara para su negocio.

Duración: 3 semanas


1ª semana - Análisis estratégico del sector

2ª semana:identificación de oportunidades comerciales durante la crisis

3a semana - Identificación del mercado y definición de la propuesta de valor

¿Lo que sigue?

Le enviaremos sus credenciales para iniciar sesión en la plataforma Aceleralia. Un mentor lo guiará a través de la experiencia Aceleralia. ¿Qué es lo que hay que hacer? ¡Sé curioso, de mente abierta y prepárate para lograr ese producto en el mercado!

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make an effective business pitch out of your strong value proposition with aceleralia


Week 1
Business Model

By focusing on building a strong value proposition during this week you will analyse the market and its opportunities. You will design your Lean Startup Business model Canvas by identifying key activities, resources, finances but most important your strong added value.

week 2 
Executing the

During this week you will be able to define a strategy to execute the business plan defined in the previous week. By applying Design Thinking methodologies you will be able to validate your business plan and wether you are on the path of achieving product market fit. Conducting interviews and building an MVP are some of the steps during this second stage of Aceleralia. .


A 100% guided digital journey by aceleralia

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Complex terms are turned easy thanks to our resources

Take advantage of our learning resources. From articles to videos, our resources will give you all the knowledge and tools needed to boost your project. You will benefit from more than 150 articles , more than 150 videos and more than 10 tools.

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Don't get lost. Follow the right path

Follow a clear roadmap adapted to your project. Don't worry about getting lost, with Aceleralia, you will have a guided journey. No matter in which stage you are, you will be always able to customize your journey.

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Get the best insights from our experts.

Don't worry if your understanding about Finance, Marketing or any other area is little. Book a meeting with our exerts and become an ace in that area that you always feared.

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Get well designed and structured documents to delight your stakeholders

After your journey, with our smart printing functionality, you will be able to print any sort of document. From business to innovation, intrapreneurship and pilot plans, among others, you will be able to convince not only your mother but also those investors an customers.

What our aceleralia users think

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Ignasi Salvador

Innovation Director at CELSA

2DigitsGrowth team is committed to understand your challenges and provide real value on what they deliver. Their obsession about this is remarkable and ensures constant feedback, which results in better outcomes.

customer image

Jordi Beringues

JCM Director

It has been a pleasure to work with all 2DigitsGrowth team. They are helping JCM to implement an “acceleration training program” in our company.
It has been very motivating for all JCM people, aligning us to avoid projects dispersions and to focus on the projects it is worth to work on. They are helping us to change our culture. Now we think more on what the customer needs instead of what the customer asks. 

customer image

Jorge Sneig

Innovation Partner at CELSA

2DigitsGrowth team is undoubtedly great: straight to the point, creative thinkers, dedicated, methodological, inspiring, easy going, and last but not least, real problem solvers. Do you want to develop your business through innovation? Then hire them. It is amazing to work with them.

customer image

Cristina Sanz


Sharing the strategical advise with 2DigitsGrowth was a real challenge. Their solid experience and knowledge helped us to analyse and improve our value proposition, making possible to validate with criteria and order the implementation of the plan. We used multiple strategical planning tools such as empathetical maps, the value curve, and the business canvas among others. It has been a privilege to work with them, specially because they have validated and worked with hundreds of projects

customer image

Manel Mazaira


Aceleralia, 2DigitsGrowth's acceleration platform, has helped me in all aspects when carrying out my Business Plan. It has a route plan and a structured organization of resources that allows each section to be developed in due course. It also offers all kinds of teaching resources that have made me "relearn" concepts that have evolved over time. In addition, it is worth noting its support team, which has been fast and efficient. Another great advantage is that Aceleralia, through its methodology, promotes “learning by doing”.

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