What is the funnel of my business?

What is the funnel of my business?

This  Digital marketing term defines the different steps that a user has to take to fulfill a certain objective within their website, which could be the visualization of a video, a registration in a form, or a purchase.

Most of you, probably know what the marketing funnel is but not what is the specific funnel of your business or what it is for. Here is an illustrative example:

In the case of a website with a shopping cart whose objective is to generate sales, it must also attract new customers, maintain those obtained before the pandemic, retain them, and constantly attract more. The idea of ​​the funnel is to show the process that the person has to go through before specifying the objective we seek, that is why a purchase funnel is created with different actions where each one must have an objective and each of these objectives must be attacked differently.

Since to generate the purchase, the user must also go through the purchase decision that if we don't consider taking different actions to promote it, the probability of not being fulfilled will be more. To better understand this we will use the case of an online food delivery store.


What is the first impact?

  1. Word of mouth or digital marketing (someone consumed one of your products and took actions to let others know about the brand).
  2. It is likely that this "potential customer" will receive further advertisements as part of a retargeting campaign to reinforce the need for buying those products.
  3. He starts following us on Instagram.
  4. He realizes that the advertising of the products offered by the brand comes to him every day in the morning, prior to the time where he usually eats, thus generating the "desire to eat" our product.
  5. Go through the website where you can see all the variety of products and what you can order. All this accompanied by the best photos of your products to make you want to buy more.
  6. You have a perfect shopping experience and you receive your purchase with the same conditions that you read and accepted before paying.
  7. Receive your product with branded packaging. With this, another cycle is fed. If you upload a photograph of your product to your social networks with the @brand, another person will see it (potential client through that recommendation). Everything is united and connected.
  8. Sometime later, a survey is sent to your email.
  9. Then, they reconnect to their social networks, see the brand's products again with quality photographs and the cycle (loyalty) is repeated. There is also the possibility that we give discounts for frequent clients, accumulate points, hold events, other actions that depending on the type of client (that we must study) value more.

The customer experience is your 100% and that 100% has to be perfect, if it was not good, what do I have to do to improve it? For all brands, the conversion is the hardest thing to do. When it is achieved, you have to build loyalty. That way, you will buy again and recommend the brand's products to others.

There are different actions to achieve the objectives in each part of the funnel, it is important to be clear in which part the client is and how I will push them to move to the next stage of the funnel until the conversion is achieved.









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