You are probably here because you need a hand with what tools to use in your business to be able to give it the efficiency and productivity you need to achieve your goals. In order to carry out a project it is always important to be clear about the following points:

  • Goals 💯. What goals I want to achieve and where my company is heading are very important to know which tool will best suit what I am looking for.
  • To plan📍. Many times with day-to-day work we lose planning and tend to simply execute. What happens if I don't plan? If I do not project my goals and do not plan how to achieve them, it will be very difficult to move forward and meet my objectives, it does not mean that you will not see growth in the company, but thanks to planning and your long-term vision we will be able to allocate our resources efficiently.
  • Manage 💼. After planning we can choose the tool to manage our business. And start to move forward day by day.
  • Evaluate 🔎. To know if we have made progress or not, it is important to establish metrics or short-term objectives and evaluate them.
  • Control 😎. At this point, we will worry about continuing to carry out those actions that give us good results and improve the way we do those that do not.
In a big company, both big and small projects are worked on at the same time. If you are not a big company, you are probably working with only one project but several goals. It is important to understand that we will use several tools simultaneously to order and organize the fulfillment of each short, medium, and long term objective for each project.
 Today there are endless tools that allow us to monitor each task, each with its pros and cons. None is perfect, each one has its pros and cons, the important thing is to see which one will serve us best according to the project.

Some useful the Management Tools ...

  • Acceleralia.Our digital acceleration platform is a collaborative tool, where you can manage and organize each Project. It includes a dashboard, Smart printing, uploads e learnings, or documents. It is divided into several stations, each including videos and articles that will help you expand your knowledge. Mentors and group leaders can track progress and leave comments on each station all without leaving the platform. 
  • Gantt chart. It helps us see the origin and end of each project. It is generally made up of two axes, a vertical one that shows the activities to be carried out and a horizontal one that shows the calendar with the duration of each of them.
  • Funnel 360º. It is a good way to work according to objectives. It is a two-axis tool like the Gantt chart, where the vertical axis identifies the different goals to be met in each part of the funnel. Then the horizontal axis defines the tools, metrics, managers, channels, etc. What will be required to achieve each of these goals.
  • Trello. It is a good collaborative tool. It is based on a visual management system used to trigger an action. It allows you to know what should be done, who should do it, and their progress by means of some cards that are moved between the different columns.
  • Asana. It is a very complete tool that allows you to divide the main panel by teams and projects. It includes a progress bar, internal chat, My inbox, and My Task where you can see all the tasks from month to month assigned to the person in charge, together with the project that belongs to him. The free version allows working with 15 users and limited dashboards.
  • Redbooth. It is a collaborative tool that works similar to Asana and Trello. Each task can be marked with a label showing its priority. Includes a wall where all members can post and communicate with each other. It includes chat, video calls, creation of notes and collaborative documents, Gantt chart, among other things. It is a good tool for small projects.
  • Wrike. Is also a collaborative tool. Its free version comes with a limit of up to five people in the project. You can divide the objectives into controllable actions with specific time frames. Includes results report, dashboard, Gantt chart, templates, allows control of time and budget for each project.


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