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WHAT IS GROWTH HACKING 💪🏼 Growth hacking refers to a new field that has emerged in marketing in recent years. The term was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, and it refers to finding ways to acquire new customers spending as little as possible.  Due to this definition, growth hacking is usually adopted by startups as they tend to have a limited budget. This is why, in order to respect the capital constraint, growth hackers find alternatives that are more affordable compared to the mainstream marketing strategies. Specifically, growth hackers tend to rely mainly on social media, viral marketing, and...

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WHAT IS IT 💡 The term Bootstrapping refers to the process of creating a company with no outside assistance, which means without relying on external cash. Bootstrapping is difficult per se, as it implies that the founder has to start its venture using only its personal savings and without relying on external help. Obviously, that makes creating a company more difficult, as it requires the business to be profitable from the early stages if it wants to survive over time. Besides making it more difficult to grow, bootstrapping also enhances the risk for the entrepreneur, as he bears all the...

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