How and Why to Bootstrap your Startup and Venture

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How and Why to Bootstrap your Startup and Venture


The term Bootstrapping refers to the process of creating a company with no outside assistance, which means without relying on external cash. Bootstrapping is difficult per se, as it implies that the founder has to start its venture using only its personal savings and without relying on external help. Obviously, that makes creating a company more difficult, as it requires the business to be profitable from the early stages if it wants to survive over time. Besides making it more difficult to grow, bootstrapping also enhances the risk for the entrepreneur, as he bears all the financial risk associated with the venture.

However, bootstrapping represents also an opportunity for the entrepreneur, as he is able to maintain total control on the business and make the strategic decisions autonomously. Moreover, without having to report to different shareholders, the entrepreneur can set his own targets and run the business accordingly, and, if successful, he will keep all the profits!


The program of bootstrapping is addressed to all those people who want to start the project but have no external financial resources. Moreover, learning how to bootstrap is fundamental for all those people who have a business idea but are encountering difficulties in raising external capital. By learning the practices of bootstrapping, they will be able to develop their ideas and implement their project autonomously! This represents an important opportunity for young people who want to become entrepreneurs but do not have a large amount of capital to tap into. Don’t let the lack of external capital scare you! It is possible to create your own company also relying on your own resources and competencies, and creating something from zero just relying on your skills is also more satisfying!


We have developed a dedicated program to guide you step-by-step on how to create your business starting from zero and with no outside cash. Thanks to our years of experience in entrepreneurship, we will follow you with dedicated advice on the most effective ways to build your company and create a successful business! Don’t let the lack of external capital scare you, we are here to assist you all the way to build your company relying on your personal resources!

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